Love From England February 06, 2014 10:12 1 Comment

      “England” has been showing us a lot of Sales and love. From the sales aspect “England” is ranked as the #2 Country in sales on our online store falling right behind the “United States”.
On the other hand, the love aspect is coming from Mike Wilkinson, the UFC Featherweight fighter from The Ultimate Fighter show England vs. USA. He has been one of our biggest fans, showing our brand Major love from day one. If you go follow him on Instagram:
      You will see multiple pictures of him in our 1ON1 Gear. Make sure you show him love and support. Our brand has been growing faster than expected and our Fan base has grown more than triple what our marketing team expected in the Past 6 months.
Other English fighters that like our page consistently:
Ross Pearson
Dan Hardy

Thank You England,

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