MMA Clothing for MMA Beginners February 7, 2014 23:49 1 Comment

MMA clothing is categorized as sportswear important to wear in the mixed martial arts competition and training. Specific types of clothes are required for the training of MMA athletes and it is important to carefully select MMA clothing, because the quality of clothes matters a lot. MMA accessories and gears are specifically important for the trainees and following are some important gears for MMA Beginners:

Rash Guards

Rash guards are important for MMA beginners to wick away moisture for grappling, jiu jitsu and wrestling. It will soak up your sweat, and you can easily complete the heavy training of a few hours. Cotton T-shirts are not good to absorb wetness, and these can spread different skin diseases. Long sleeve rash guards provide you complete protection as you will leave less area exposed to the sun and this can reduce the chances of astringent skin conditions like ringworm, herpes and staph infections.

Grappling Shorts

Grappling shorts are an important part of MMA clothing. These are designed with lightweight and quick drying material such as nylon or polyester. It will secure your skin from rashes and support flexible mobility. Real MMA shorts remain slightly loose on your legs, but you will feel comfortable during your training.

Sparring Gloves

Sparring gloves are used in the traditional boxing and you should use at least 14 to 16 ounce gloves for the sake of your sparring partners. Light sparring gloves can put the health of your sparring partner, because these types of gloves are available with less padding to cushion your wafts to their head. Sparring gloves are an important part of MMA Clothing, so be careful about the quality and weight of the gloves, because the lightweight gloves can put you in trouble. Your gloves should be easy to get on and off quickly while training.

Hand Wraps

Hand wrappers are important to buy for the protection of fragile and small bones in your hands. It will be advantageous to have more than one pair of hand wraps for the protection of your hands. Do not directly put your hand wraps in the machine, as they can get wrapped around the center wheel of your washing machine. It will be good to use hand wrap washing bag to avoid this situation.

Mouth Guard

MMA clothing is incomplete without mouth guard, because you are getting trained for upcoming condition, and the mouthpiece will help you to learn the ways to deal with the hindered breathing during a real fight.