"MMA Clothing" February 10, 2014 23:37 1 Comment

     MMA is a full contact fighting sport that combines multiple styles of fighting in one octagon. This sport has evolved over the years till it became the center of attention at this point. Further after, a lot of industries have grown around this sport and one of them being the MMA clothing industry.
     MMA clothing is an industry that has grown large around this sport. It’s a combination of MMA Gear that the fighters need to wear during their training such as fight shorts, Rashguards, Mouth piece, gloves and Gis. On the other hand, a fashionable fighters clothing side that fighters wear while they are outside of their training zone, such as Tshirts, tanktops, Snapbacks, Thermals, hoodies ect..
     1on1 Clothing is an upscale MMA brand that provides high quality clothing with an affordable price. “Yes, the best of both worlds” as the CEO Mr. Younis said.1ON1 clothing is a young brand that just launched in 2013 and it has grown rapidly that a lot of MMA celebrities are involved in it. Also, they built a solid fan base in no time on Instagram, twitter, Facebook and thru sponsoring fighters at Bellator, King of the Cage, BMMAUSA, and Get Down. 1ON1 is looking to grow even bigger in 2014. The MMA world is evolving on the daily and 1ON1 is looking forward to evolve right with it.