Ronda Rousey vs. Cris Cyborg February 27, 2014 21:41

Is it time to make this fight happen or what? Ronda Rousey has been showing some outstanding performances in the UFC. The Young undefeated 135 pound women fighter is showing no weakness in her game BUT wait!!!! The question is, Can she beat the baddest woman on the planet “Cris Cyborg”??
Cyborg came to the screen of MMA with some outstanding performances. She moved to Strikeforce, defeated Gina Carano and snatched her belt. Further after, she moved to Invictus and now is crowned as the champ of her division.
We recently saw some comments from Cyborg claiming that she will take Ronda Rousey’s belt if she was given the chance to fight her. Looking at Cyborg’s fight style, a lot of people believe that she can back up her claims and at this point, it’s up to the Uncle Sam of the MMA world, Mr. “Dana White”.
What do you guys think? Give us your thoughts


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