“Fashion & MMA” March 12, 2014 21:47

    MMA Clothing has evolved majorly in the past 20 years. The UFC started without any fighting gloves or a set uniform in the Octagon. Every fighter dressed as they pleased; for example; if you guys recall, at UFC 1, the fighter Art Jimmerson came to his fight vs. Royce Gracie with one glove.
    Overtime the sport evolved so as the MMA clothing industry. Now fighters have a certain uniform they must have on in the octagon; such as, fighting shorts, UFC special designed gloves, a mouth piece (to protect the jaw and teeth) and a cup to protect the fighter’s crotch area. Also, fighters train with Gi’s, rashguards, chin guards and head guards for their protection etc.
Now a days there are multiple MMA brands fighting to take the seen in the MMA industry, some have built their name pretty well and some have walked in and out of the industry. MMA Clothing brands need to focus on the quality of their product, branding strategies, and public image; through all that, they need to maintain a fashion touch in thier MMA image.