1ON1 MMA Clothing March 23, 2014 21:13

1ON1 had a successful 2013 with their clothing collection. Being a young brand that started their online store www.1on1clothing.com in June, 2013, they grew 3 times what their management team predicted. 2014 started off successfully for them especially in February. The “Signature Snapback” and the Rashguards sold out multiple times in a short period. Now the question is what’s next? I will tell you what’s next.
In mid-April, a new collection is dropping to refresh all the MMA Clothing fans. We know everyone has been waiting and trust me when I say 1ON1 is looking to bring some of the most stylish designs. 1ON1 is a MMA clothing line that distinguishes themselves from the competition with their product quality, unique trend and their fashionable touch in the designs. Stay tuned everyone; a lot of products are going to drop soon and they are going to shake the MMA clothing industry.


Instagram: 1on1_clothing