"COMING SOON" April 6, 2014 19:50

    1ON1 Clothing has been extremly busy with sales, production, sponsoring fighters all over the world. We have learned from the past and appreciated all the feedback from our fans, the positive and the negative feedback. The negative feedback helped us to fix our business module so we can perfect our steps. On the other hand, the positive feedback always kept us going and made us strive for greatness in the fashion and MMA industry. We enhanced our shirts quality, printing quality, and clothing fits overall. At this point, I can confidently say we are probably one of the clothing lines that carry the greatest pre-shrunk Tshirt quality in the MMA Clothing business.
    In the next 3 weeks, we will be releasing two new T-shirts, one Crew neck and one V-neck t-shirts. These T-shirts will be one of the catchiest MMA/street wear T shirts you will witness. They are muscle fits and they got some of the greatest fashionable designs. We tend not to follow our competitions steps; we just lead with our own trends and that’s why we are blowing up in a matter of 7 months in the business. Stay tuned with our website:
    Finally, to all our Females athletes & Fighters, 1on1 will be releasing the first female stylish Tank top in the next month. Stay tuned with our website and you will be impressed with what’s coming.
    Thank you everyone for the continuous support, we appreciate you all.