"Summer Collection" May 9, 2014 23:15

1on1 Clothing is taking the MMA Clothing Fashion fashion movemnet to a whole new level. Within Couple of weeks, 1on1 Clothing will be dropping the new 2014 summer collection. Tshirts, Tanks and Snapbacks. 1ON1 is going to make sure their fans walk around with outstanding confidence for summer 2014. MMA clothing is our roots, however, there are no limitations in the in Fashion. The plan that we have sketch out for the next 6 months is going to surprise a lot of viewers. I am not suppose to say further, just Stay tuned with our social media sources and make sure you get your gear once it drops. According to statistics from the last experiences, "1ON1 have sold out within 48 hours after dropping their new gear" so make sure you are ready.
Thank you everyone and stay tuned #1ON1