1ON1 Women Tank Sale August 10, 2014 18:31

The "Heels OFF Gloves ON" women Tanktop will be going to a major sale this Wendesday for $19.99. This Tanktop is officially the first women Tanktop that 1on1 clothing drops. Our line has been attracting a lot of females. One of the most famous fighters in the MMA world today Cris Cyborg is a big fan of the brand. she posted couple of pictures and videos on her Instagram page in her 1on1 Gear. For the ladies, represent yourself by rocking this unique slogan. If not for yourself, get it for your sister, mother, cousin ect... whoever you think their character represent this slogan. For all you men out there, if you know a female around you that would throw her heels off and put the gloves on!!!!! then you know Wedensday is the day. go to:



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