1ON1 Going Worldwide January 28, 2018 13:21

   1ON1 was originally established and available in stores in the United States. It’s currently available at 4 of the biggest malls in Los Angeles County. 


   The great news, 1ON1 is launching in the Middle East, specifically in Jordan and the UAE this summer. 

Also, with the high volume of orders going to Europe on our online store, we are currently closing some deals to launch it in stores in Europe by the end of 2018. Specifically in France, Germany, UK and Spain.


   The brand is growing with its culture and we are doing our best to make sure it’s available to every single fan all over the world. 


Stay tuned with our website and social media sources to know where is our next stop. We are excited as much as you guys are and looking forward to go worldwide in no time.






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