The Message behind "1ON1" June 28, 2015 12:19

"The Brand"

The "1ON1" concept starts within you. It's referred to as "The Greatness Within".  "YOU" as of your personality. "YOU" when you look at yourself in the mirror, "YOU" When you handle your business 1ON1 and  "YOU"  When you Handle your goals 1ON1. Finally "YOU"  when you prove everyone wrong and get whats yours 1ON1. You must stay positive that you shouldn't even think of the worst case scenarios because "That's when negativity kicks in".

When you hit the finish line and raise your victorious arms? That's when "YOU" just climbed the highest mountain. Now That's "The Greatness Within" and that's "1ON1".

Anthony Robbins said: "The way you look in your mirror today is based on the decisions you took for yourself last year. so higher your standards".

In a nutshell, 1ON1 is a brand that shows you a reflection of a confident, successful, never settle for less, big dreamer "YOU". if you don't have this type of attitude then what this brand displays is just simply not for you.

1ON1 is the hottest streetwear with a message behind it from Los Anegeles today, if you haven't checked it out yet please go get familiar with it at:


"1ON1 Latest updates"

The 1ON1 team just launched the summer 2015 collection. tshirts, tanktops and snapbacks. Also, next week Thursday July, 2nd. The first 1ON1 "Baseball Jersey" will drop and I can't wait for you to see it. I already got mine but I am not allowed to share a picture until the launch date :)

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