Two Steps To Save Money? July 5, 2015 15:42 1 Comment

Saving money can happen in so many different ways and i can write  multiple blogs about this topic; however, today i want to touch on one topic only. and it's "Coupons".

Have you ever asked yourself, how can I save money? I bet you did. So now I am going to help you how to save money in a simple two step process.

For example: let's take 1ON1 Clothing. you can save money with 1ON1 by doing the following:

1)  Go to:

2) Go to "create an account" and create your 1ON1 account.

The moment you do that you will be added to their email list that sends out coupons and updates. You will receive at least a 10% OFF coupon or even more when you shop on their online store immediately. why not ..... right?

So now in general, if you shop with any product, store or service. Just go create an account with them or add your email to their newsletter. This way you start saving a huge amount of money. trust me it will add up.

Everything around you is getting more expensive, Gas, food and rent. So why not save money on the simple things that are right in front of you.

I believe coupons are under utilized and people should start looking into them to save more money. In the near future, I will post multiple blogs on how start saving major amount of money today without changing your lifestyle. I know that's bold statement but I can make your same paycheck last longer and be more efficient. Just stay tuned with my blog page and you will be impressed. If you have any questions please feel free to drop it in the comments below.



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