5 Steps To Start Your Own Clothing Brand January 4, 2019 17:43

Hello Everyone,

This is Sal Younis, the creator and current CEO of 1ON1 Clothing. I know a lot of you wonder, how can I start my own brand? Are there any steps that I can follow to get started? Where do I start?

Trust me I know how that feels. I had to learn all this on my own and it took me too long to figure things out. 

I am going to give you guys some steps on how to get started and where to get started. This blog will show you the structure of the process but of course there are way more details after the structure that I am willing to share with you directly. You can leave a comment below or you can contact me directly on my personal Instagram account and I will be more than happy to help you thru the process.

My personal Instagram account : @younis_s

So let's get started:

Step One: Pick a brand name and a brand culture.

Every brand has a name and a culture, 1ON1 is a brand that started in the MMA culture, Diamond Supply is a brand that started in the skaters culture and RVCA is a brand that started in the surfers culture and the list goes on ... You got this right?

Step Two: Trademark the brand name and get your legal paperwork done.

After you decide the brand name and culture, you have to get your brand trademarked so you have ownership of it.

When you get the name trademarked, you will have to go get the required licenses to be in business.

One last thing, you will need to purchase the domain name for your business. You can do that with GoDaddy.

( If you want to learn how to trademark a brand and which licenses you need, you can reach out to me and I will give you all the details ).

Step Three: Plan out the products collection you would like to produce and reach out to the sources that will make them for you.

You will have to make a game plan on what would you like to make. For example: tshirts, hoodies, hats. Or even, Is it going to be a women clothing, mens clothing or maybe both.

All these details will help better search from the sources and manufactures that will help you make these products for you.

( After you decide your collection, You can reach out to me and I can help you with getting all the sources/manufactures needed for whatever products you need with the highest qualities )

Step Four: Build a Website and social media channels.

Once you are done with the first 3 steps then you are READY to hit the market. Your first approach must be utilizing the social media sources to build the brand awareness which will eventually will start referring to unique website.

( If you need any help with building a website or you need recommendations on which platform to use, you can reach out to me directly and I will be happy to help you )

Step Five: Invest in Marketing and Brand Awareness

Once you have reached step 5 then you are ready to start doing business. with that being said, you need to know that MARKETING is the name of the game. There are a lot of ways to market your brand and website; couple of standard ways will be:

SEO, Bloggers, Social media shares, Tradeshows, Sponsorship deals and the list goes on .....

( If you need help in your marketing plan for your brand, reach out to me and I will be happy to help you ).


Now the top 5 steps are the basics of starting your own brand. Building a well known brand takes way more than the basics, and for that we will have to wait for our 1ON1 conversations. Building a well known brand will need a detailed business plan.

if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below and I will make sure to answer it and maybe touch up on it on my next blog.

Thank You,

Sal Younis