2016 Flow January 23, 2016 18:58

Hello Everyone,

We have passed half way in January and we are loving how 2016 is looking. We just re-stocked some of the products and by next week we will have more products re-stocked to get back at 100%. The holidays shopping took us a whole new level in sales and we were trying to make sure everyone gets their products on time.

Second of All, This year we are looking to bring you guys the latest fashionable gear that keeps you up to date with the LA lifestyle trends. Fashion is evolving and with our expert designers we are always 2 steps ahead. We can't share with you whats coming but I am sure you will be happy to sport what we will bring you.

Last but not least, We are expanding by approaching new cities. We are now in Culver City, Los Angeles, Lynwood, Gardena and Puentes Hills. Soon we will be knocking on your doors and bring it to your city. Leave us in the comments to what cities you want us to come and we will have our sales team make a plan for it.

Hope you guys are pursuing your 2016 resolutions and make sure to get it done. Everyone is born equal, what brings greatness is how bad do you want. and that's what will make you stand out from the rest.



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