How Would The Re-Match Go? July 29, 2013 00:00 1 Comment

How would the Re-Match go?

    Anderson Silva just had his first lose after 16 consecutive Winning streak on the hands of Chris Weidman. With this hype, Chris Weidman has shocked the world by finishing Silva via KO in the second round; however, people still think that he needs to prove that he deserves that belt.

  On December 28, 2013, we are going to witness the most anticipated re-Match in the history of the UFC. From the looks of it, Chris Weidman is taking it more serious than his first fight because he feels like he has to prove a point to the world. On the other hand, Anderson Silva has the pressure that he needs to cut thru all the controversy and show the world that that belt belongs to him.

    Now the million dollar question is, What do you think Bruce Buffer will announce on the end of this fight on December 28, 2013? Would it be “The new UFC middleweight champion of the world”? OR it will be “Still the UFC middleweight champion of the world?"


We will leave the answer to you guys.