Face Masks April 5, 2020 12:45

Hello Everyone,

We hope everyone is hanging tight in these tough times that the world is facing today. We know that COVID-19 has been keeping everyone around the world cautious about everything that is happening around us.

We at 1ON1 are trying our best to maintain supporting our fans while keeping a fashion touch in every products we launch.

We just released a face mask that is made of some soft fabrics to cover the mouth and nose without causing any discomfort in breathing. Our masks are not FDA CODIV-19 certified; however, with the lack of face masks in the market today, it will be better than not wearing a mask while you step out of your house.

The face masks are under the Hats/Headwear tab on our website:


and if you click on Hats here it will take you directly to the masks.

It's an easy check out with an estimated shipping of 2-4 days all around the United States.

Please stay home and stay safe everyone.


1ON1 Clothing