Fashion History December 27, 2018 10:42

The fashion industry has been around since the 16th century; However, the first fashion designer that made his own fashion pieces and had his name attached to a fashion garment was the English fashion designer Charles Frederick Worth.

Worth was the founded of House of Worth. He is considered by many fashion historians to be the father of Haute Couture and also he is credited with the revolution of the business of fashion.

In 1858, Worth established his fashion salon in Paris that attracted a lot royalty. In the 19th century,, innovative designers started making dresses that suit the everyday lifestyle of that time. 

In 19th century, fashion magazines started taking part in displaying fashion pieces in help to put our the latest trends of that time.

And Now, we see how the world of fashion has grown thru globalization and social media. every country, city and community has a fashion style and evolves on a daily bases.

This industry came from a simple concept to becoming a world economy drivers on a global scale and we are happy to be part of the fashion industry. Mens fashions, womens fashion and soon we will touch into kids fashion as we know we have a huge responsibility to cater to the main concept of this industry which is providing some fashionable garments to serve the daily routines.

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