How To Stay Dry This Winter? December 20, 2018 20:53

Not everyone knows how to deal with the winter season. Some people are used to it as they  probably grew up in a place that winter is the norm. On the other hand, there are some people who are just not used to it, such as people who live in Los Angeles.

Now one thing we can show you is how to stay dry in a rainy day!!

Windbreakers are the answer. Our Windbreakers are made of some fabrics that water doesn't go thru which is good to keep your outfit fresh even when you travel from one place to another.

The secret to our windbreakers that makes it stand out from the other windbreakers in the market, is the coverage. Our windbreakers have a high neck that zips up all the way to the nose. with the pull over part of this product, you will pretty much cover your whole head and neck area.

Also, there are zip up pockets that your can hide your phone and belongings in that will keep them dry. The last thing anyone will need is to get their phone water damaged!!

Finally, the bottom of the windbreaker has a string that will tighten the bottom of this jacket and block anything that will enter from the bottom, wether it's some splashing water from the streets or even the simple wind that might take the warm feeling away.

In other word, stay warm and dry my friends by owning the 1ON1 custom made windbreaker which is available at:

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