Peach Hoodie October 21, 2018 17:50

The 1ON1 Peach Hoodie ( Salmon Hoodie ) has passed our expectations with the outcome it brought after the launch last sunday.

This peach hoodie has couple of things you need to know about. The hoodie is made out of some pre-shrunk fabric. With that being said, the hoodie's shrinkage percentage is %70 less than any other standard hoodie.

Second of all, the hoodie is made of the softest cotton fabirc which will put you in the most comfortable state of mind at all times.

Last but not least, The combination of the color, cut and the simple artwork on it has broken all the records of sales we had in the past.

If you havent gotten yours yet, head to our sweatshirts tab to go get yours now.

Dont forget to utilize the 10% off coupon that pops to you on the website and the FREE shipping.

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