Why 1ON1?! October 29, 2017 11:09

There are a lot of clothing brands in our days today but people wonder why 1ON1 clothing?!

1ON1 has a lot of secrets for their success. The secrets are the following:

1) Fabrics quality, All the fabrics that 1ON1 clothing uses are pre-shrunk fabrics. which means that their products don't shrink after washing them for 20 times. The products were pre-shrunk before they get cut and sewed which makes their products quality stand out from the competition

2) Unique, The brand is unique in multiple ways. We are unique as we make each product once and in limited quantities. That means the piece you have is one of a kind and not a lot of people will have it.

Also the brand is unique in what it stands for, The name 1ON1 reflects the individuals life challenge of you facing your fears 1ON1. You will see it in the first "1" flipped to face the other one. " You vs Your fears ". The name brand is deeper than it appears and our fans relate to it emotionally.

3) Publicity, The brand is based out of Los Angeles California; However, Our sales are generated from all over the world. Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The growth of the brands message has spread worldwide in no time and that's when we dropped the Worldwide tshirt, it expressed our vision and path in growth.

4) Fan base, 1ON1 started in the MMA world and was represented by a lot of famous fighters; However, today the brand is represented by NBA players, NFL Players and Hollywood stars. The brand has become way beyond a lifestyle , it became a culture.

5) Finally the brands main success has been the diversity in styles. 1ON1 has carried hoodies, snapbacks, tshirts, long body tshirts, windbreakers, beanies, joggers and the lost goes on. We adjust our style to todays trend and that's why every fan of ours keeps coming back to update their closet with whats' new.