Women Apparel is One of Our Next Focus Areas July 14, 2016 18:19

Hello everyone,

We are so happy to have our products available at 4 of the largest malls in California and we are in process to get in more stores closer to your home. Also, Our online store has been under major traffic and we are really thankful for all the fans that rock our brand.

The great news is that we working on bringing more products and taking bigger moves for the brand. to give you some teasers.

A) We are reaching out to more stores,boutiques and malls.

B) We are bringing products that we never made before.

C) Last but not least, we are bringing the first ever women Yoga pants and gym workout tankstop for the ladies. " We are so excited!!!!!!!!!!!! "

All work is in progress and the hype is real. Everyone stay tuned as we will be bringing the best quality fabrics and fits.

We appreciate all the love and support and we will keep you all updated.


Thank you,

1ON1 Cltothing

Los angeles


Yoga pants