Celebrities Are Fans Too September 29, 2015 20:58

Beside the fact that 1ON1 is growing all over the world in no time, now we have celebrities rocking the gear. One of the most dangerous women fighters in the world Cris Cyborg was spotted rocking the 1ON1 Brazil tanktop. Also in another post on her Instagram page she was rocking the " Call Me Out" tshirt.

Besides that, we have a great amount of new pictures of fans from all over the world that are wearing the brand. We wont be able to upload the hundreds of pictures all at once but we will be posting atleast 5 or 6 pictures a week.

Finally, Stay tuned with us as we will be dropping new product every month. Next week we will be dropping the new 1ON1 leather Snapback in 3 colors. "picture attached"



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